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      1. Wuxi Shuguang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
        ABOUT US
        ABOUT US
        Wuxi's largest production base for specialized auto body parts mold products
        Wuxi Shuguang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

        Wuxi Dawn Precision Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1959 which was formerly known as Wuxi Dawn Mould Co., Ltd. Its predecessor was Wuxi Mould Factory which was one of the key enterprises under the former State Ministry of Machinery Industry

        Being one of the leading enterprises in automotive components industry, the Company has accumulated rich experiences in engineering development, particularly in complex surface processing and deep drawing forming that is taking a head position in the industry. Since 2020 the Company has been one of the strategic suppliers of those big beasts in new energy vehicles industry by laying out a new business unit of new energy vehicle related products. Partnering with our customers, the Removable-Energy-Storage Commercial Charging Cabinet for electric vehicles has been developed and become mass production which is the domestic initiated and in accordance with EU exports standards. Our engineering team also has made a significant breakthrough on new manufacturing processes on iron core of drive motor.

        Headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, the Company established 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries that are Wuxi Simon Automotive Seating Components Co., Ltd., Wuxi Simon Non-Ferrous Tooling Co., Ltd., Chuzhou Dawn Precision Industries Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province successively.

        The Company has been digging deep in the industry for more than half a century. With continual researching and innovation on the processes, and equipment upgrading and renovation, we are dedicated and committed ourselves to providing our products of high quality, high stability and reliability to automotive OEM and global tier 1 integrators. Our products have won dozens of national awards, including but not limited to “Precise Mould Prize”on China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition, and“National Key New Product”. The R&D abilities, modern enterprise management,as well as products quality of the Company have been widely recognized amongst the customers who are first-tier automotive OEMs and leaders in numerous industries that all are highly engaged in the long term business relations with us.

        The Company is appraised as “Jiangsu Province High-Tech Corporation”, owning 34 patents for invention and 76 patents for utility models. We have established and implemented a sound system on Intellectual Property Management, and been certified by IATF16949 and other international and state certification systems in quality,safety and environment. We are running a “Enterprise Technical Center of Wuxi City”in our facilities, and partnering with Jiangnan University and Jiangsu University on many programs of University-Industry Cooperation.

        The Company is committing itself in taking social responsibilities. We highly engaged in an Anti-Poverty program of counterpart supporting Yunyan Town,Yichuan City in Shanxi Province, and won the honor of “New District, Wuxi City, Advanced Enterprise on CSR”.

        Let Chinese brands and Chinese standards lead the development of the global industry
          “Innovation”, “Continuous Improvement”, “Honesty and Integrity to win trust”, “Offering customer Quality Products and Services in return”
        • OUR VALUES
          OUR VALUES
          Dedication, Teamwork, Excellence
        From a follower of technology introduction to a paralleler of independent R&D and production
      2. 2021
        2021 Year

        - Renamed Wuxi Dawn Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

        - Set up new wholly-owned subsidiary: Chuzhou Precision Industries Co., Ltd.in Anhui Province

        - Successfully Renewed“Jiangsu Province High-Tech Corporation”

      3. 2020
        2020 Year

        - Set up new business unit of new energy vehicle related products, started new area on Commercial Charging Cabinet for electric vehicles  

      4. 2019
        2019 Year

        - Took the Plan-Competition-Program on the Prospect of Industries and Key Technology in Jiangsu Province

      5. 2018
        2018 Year

        - Awarded “National Enterprise with an advantage in Intellectual Property Rights”

      6. 2017
        2017 Year

        - The phase II facility completed and put into service

      7. 2015
        2015 Year

        - Successfully renewed “Jiangsu Province High-Tech Corporation”

      8. 2013
        2013 Year

        - Honored “Jiangsu Province Key Enterprise of Stamping Dies”

        - Set up welding production line, came into welding process of vehicle body manufacturing

      9. 2011
        2011 Year

        - Established “Enterprise Technical Center of Wuxi City”

        - The Diffuser of Engine Exhaust Gas in Circulated Cooling System was certified “Jiangsu Province High-Tech Product”

      10. 2009
        2009 Year

        - Appraised of “Jiangsu Province High-Tech Corporation”

        - The Hinge Plate of automobile door was certified “Jiangsu Province High-Tech Product”

        - The Progressive Die won “Wuxi High Quality Mould Prize”

        - ISO9001 certified

        - ISO14001 certified

      11. 2008
        2008 Year

        - Honored “Jiangsu Province High-Tech Private Enterprise”

      12. 2007
        2007 Year

        - Ping Die for front bolster won “Wuxi High Quality Mould Prize”

      13. 2006
        2006 Year

        - The Multi-position Progressive Die for fine stamping of auto seat won The First Prize of Precise Mould on China International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition

      14. 2005
        2005 Year

        - ISO9001/ISO14000/TS16949 certified

      15. 2002
        2002 Year

        - The Integrated Die-Casting Mould honored “National Key New Product”

        - Set up automotive seating components production line, products started to export to North America

      16. 2001
        2001 Year

        - Shareholding reformed to be Wuxi Dawn Mould Co., Ltd.

        - Became the tier 1 supplier of SAIC MAXUS

      17. 1998
        1998 Year

        - Won the Silver Award of the 2nd Wuxi Machinery Promotion Award 

      18. 1989
        1989 Year

        - Renamed Wuxi Mould Factory

      19. 1959
        1959 Year

        - Founded State-Owned Wuxi Mould Factory initiated by Wuxi Machinery Industry Bureau

        Common development with society and harmonious coexistence with the environment
        • 01

          Dawning constantly builds the foundation of technological innovation, cultivates and strengthens the talent team of scientific and technological management, insists on winning the trust of customers with quality, and shoulders the loyalty to the country with responsibility.

        • 02

          Dawning never forgets its social responsibility in its development, resolutely safeguards environmental safety, develops in harmony with the society, and coexists in harmony with nature.

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